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Panasonic 200 liter Stand Alone Heat Pump Water Heater (PAW-DHW200F)

✓ High Energy Savings

✓ Floor standing model

✓ Perfect for 4 people household

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The Panasonic PAW-DHW200F is a 200-liter Heat Pump Water Heater that embodies efficiency, capacity, and innovation, suitable for medium to large-sized households or those with higher hot water demands. This floor-standing unit is part of Panasonic's esteemed DHW Stand Alone series, known for blending cutting-edge technology with user-centric functionality.

Key Features:

  • Superior Energy Efficiency: The PAW-DHW200F operates with high energy efficiency, holding an A+ rating and capable of cutting down electricity usage by up to 75% compared to conventional electric water heaters. This efficiency translates into significant savings on energy bills and a lower environmental impact.
  • Adaptable Operation Modes: Tailored to meet diverse needs, the unit comes with an AUTO mode that smartly adjusts water heating based on consumption patterns. BOOST mode provides rapid heating when needed, ECO mode conserves energy, and ABSENCE mode ensures efficiency when the home is unoccupied.
  • Enhanced Durability: The unit features a robust inner tank with a diamond-quality enamel coating, designed to withstand the test of time. A pressure relief valve enhances safety, preventing damage from pressure build-up, while anti-corrosion measures and specialized sealing techniques guard against rust and wear.
  • Intuitive Digital Control: A user-friendly digital control panel allows easy monitoring and management of energy consumption. The controls are straightforward, ensuring that adjustments to settings are simple and convenient.
  • Large Capacity for Greater Demands: The 200-liter capacity ensures that there is ample hot water available, making it ideal for homes with greater demand, without sacrificing space or aesthetics.
  • Eco-Friendly Operation: In line with Panasonic's commitment to sustainability, the PAW-DHW200F operates CFC-free, reducing its carbon footprint and offering an environmentally responsible hot water heating solution.

The Panasonic PAW-DHW200F Stand Alone Heat Pump Water Heater is a smart choice for those seeking to combine eco-friendly practices with the practicality of a reliable, high-capacity hot water system. It's a sophisticated addition to any home, promising performance, reliability, and stewardship of both your comfort and the environment.

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