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Your Questions Answered: Everything You Need to Know About Heat Pumps and Our Services

Air Source Heat Pumps

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An Air Source Heat Pump absorbs heat from the outside air and releases it inside a building.

How do Air Source Heat Pumps work?

These heat pumps transfer energy by taking heat from one place (like the chilly outside air) and moving it to another (like the inside of your cozy home). It's similar to how a refrigerator keeps your food cold, but in reverse.

How efficient are these heat pumps?

Imagine using just 1 unit of electricity and getting 4 units of warmth in return. That's how efficient they can be! They work best when the temperature of the water they heat is between 30 and 40°C.

Are there different types of Air Source Heat Pumps?

Yes, there are two main kinds. One type heats water, which can then warm up your entire house through radiators or underfloor heating. The other type blows warm (or cool) air directly into rooms.

What makes up an Air Source Heat Pump?

These heat pumps have a part outside that takes in heat from the air and a part inside that gives out that warmth. Think of them as having a team of tiny workers passing buckets of warmth from the outside to the inside.

Are these heat pumps good for the environment?

Absolutely! They don't release any gases that harm our planet. They do use a bit of electricity, but even that can come from green sources.

Can they work when it's freezing outside?

Yes, they can! Some modern heat pumps can still gather heat even when it's as cold as −30 °C outside.

How are Air Source Heat Pumps different from air conditioning units?

While both can make a room cooler, heat pumps can also make it warmer. Some can even give you hot water for your bath or shower.

How do we measure their efficiency?

We use something called the coefficient of performance. If it's 4, the heat pump gives 4 times more warmth than the electricity it uses.

Anything to think about when getting one?

Yes, think about where to place it. They can be a bit noisy, so you don't want it right outside your bedroom window. Also, if it's too exposed to wind, it might not work as efficiently.

What's inside these heat pumps that make them work?

They use special liquids called refrigerants to move the heat around. In the past, these refrigerants weren't so eco-friendly, but now they're much better for the environment.

Do they need a lot of care and attention?

Like all things, a little love goes a long way. Checking them now and then ensures they work well. Look out for things like blockages or leaks, and they'll keep your home warm for years.


How long does delivery take?

Delivery times is stated on the product page for each product. It is the time it takes from making an order until it is delivered to the address of choice. It is valid for all the countries we ship to within EU. 

Can I track my order?

Yes, you have access to tracking information after the order has been shipped. You will also receive a call 15-30 minutes before the delivery arrives.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges are fixed for specific countries and regions. They will be displayed on our website depending on the product. Please note that all products over 30 kg will be delivered on a pallet to the boundary of your property.


What's your return policy?

Customers have a 14-day return window. Refunds will be processed using the original payment method.

Return Conditions:

  • The product should be returned in a condition that allows for a proper assessment of its functionality and features, similar to what would be possible in a physical store.
  • Original packaging is preferred but not mandatory, as long as the product is adequately protected during return shipping.
  • All original accessories and documentation should be included in the return.

Who covers the return shipping costs?

The customer is responsible for return shipping costs.


How will I know my order has been confirmed?

Once you place an order, you'll receive an automatic order confirmation. However, this doesn't bind the purchase. The order is binding when we notify you that the product or service is being shipped

Can I modify my order after placing it?

Yes, to make changes, email with your order number, email address, phone number used during the order, and the desired changes. Note: Changes can be made only before the delivery notification is sent.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Klarna Pay Later, Klarna Invoice (30 days), credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa.

How long do refunds take?

Refunds can take up to 14 days, depending on the payment method used.


What is the F-gas regulation I've heard about?

The F-gas regulation pertains to certain refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump equipment. Products filled with fluorinated greenhouse gases can only be sold to the end-user if there's evidence that the installation will be carried out by an approved undertaking.

How do I ensure my product is installed correctly with respect to F-gas regulations?

When purchasing a product governed by the F-gas regulation, you must ensure that the installation is carried out by a certified technician. Klimatime Group does not take responsibility for installation errors. It's crucial to hire a certified refrigeration technician for the installation process.


Where can I find information about product warranties?

Warranty details are provided on each product page. Generally, products come with a minimum 2-year guarantee as per Directive (EU) 2019/771. Terms of Service

What if the product I ordered is not available?

In the rare event that a product is unavailable after you've placed an order, we will inform you as soon as possible. We'll provide an estimated timeframe for when the product might be available again and may offer a similar alternative for you to consider.