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Who are we?

We want to contribute to the energy transition in Europe by easily and smoothly providing consumers with energy-saving and services.

About Klimatime Group

Klimatime Group is a European company in the heat pump sector with a vision to contribute to the energy transition in Europe. With a solid foundation of experience in the e-commerce of heat pumps in the Swedish market and an advisor board with extensive experience, we are confident in our ability to aid the energy transition and educate consumers about energy-smart solutions. We always prioritize our customers, and our goal is to make the transition to an energy-efficient heat source in the home simple and smooth.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To contribute to Europe's energy transition by smoothly providing consumers with energy-saving heat pumps and services.

Mission: To make available, guide, and offer consumers heat pumps and energy-smart solutions throughout Europe

Our Values

  • Simplicity and Smoothness: We believe in simplifying business. The world is complex enough; we aim to make the process as smooth as possible for our customers.
  • Renew and Improve: We are dedicated to continuous development and innovation.
  • Give and Take Responsibility: We stand by our decisions and actions, believing in personal and professional growth.

Business Idea

Our business idea is to contribute to Europe's energy transition by making it easy and accessible for customers to purchase energy-efficient heat pump solutions. We target homeowners and small property owners. We aim to be the most transparent and smoothest choice for our customers and a crucial sales channel for our suppliers.


KlimaTime Group AB focuses on the heat pump industry, with a core of energy-smart solutions for heating and cooling. We also offer installation materials, accessories, and related services through our e-commerce. Our primary active countries include Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Poland.

Our Products

We are proud to sell products from leading brands in the industry, including:

Welcome to KlimaTime Group - The future solution for energy-efficient heating and cooling.