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Buffer Tank 100L Panasonic Aquarea (PAW-BTANK100L)

✓ Smoother heating with improved flow in your hydronic system

✓ extend lifespan of your air-water heat pump

✓ Avoid clicks and noice in your radiators

Original price €625 - Original price €625
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€625 - €625
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Always 2-year material warranty

When You Need It:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Optimizes the performance of your heat pump, leading to energy savings and reduced operational costs.
  • Noise Mitigation: Helps to minimize noise levels, ensuring a quieter operation within your heating system.
  • Consistent Heating: Delivers a more stable and uniform temperature distribution in your home.
  • System Integration: Ideal for pairing with older heating systems to enhance compatibility and efficiency.
  • Improved Longevity: Decreases the frequency of heat pump cycling, thereby reducing wear and extending the equipment's lifespan.

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