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What is a wall-split air conditioner?

A wall-split air conditioning system consists of two different main parts: An indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is usually installed on a wall inside a room and is responsible for cooling or heating the air in the room. The outdoor unit is placed outside the building and has the main task of compressing and condensing the refrigerant.

Advantages of wall-split air conditioning?

  • Efficient heating and cooling in an open floor plan or in a single room, which is perfect for, for example, bedrooms, living rooms or small office spaces.

  • Simple and quick installation. It does not require the same extensive process as the installation for multi-split systems or a water-based system.

  • As it is only one indoor part, it is a more discreet design, unlike several indoor parts where it is more difficult to design.

  • Cost-effective solution for those who want climate control in a specific area.

When is wall-split useful?

  1. When needed to cool down or heat up a single room.

  2. For those who want a more cost-effective alternative and do not spend as much money as, for example, a multi-split system or a central air conditioning system.

  3. Less renovations are required when installing wall-split compared to other air conditioning systems.

  4. Wall-split gives the option of zone control, which means that the user can regulate the temperature based on their own comfort.


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