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Multi-Split Air Conditioning

What is and how does multi-split air conditioning work?

Multi-split air conditioning means that several indoor air conditioning units can be connected to one outdoor unit, meaning that several indoor units share a common outdoor unit. This technology allows you to cool or heat multiple rooms or zones simultaneously, providing a more flexible solution than the traditional central air conditioning system. The indoor units can be placed in different rooms or areas to get the best maximum effect.

When is a Multi-split AC useful?

Climate control in several rooms

The multi-split air conditioning system is practical in the home where different rooms need different temperatures. Having indoor units in different rooms gives the opportunity to create an individual level of comfort in each room and avoid unnecessary heating or cooling.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of multi-split air conditioning is very good as it adapts to the needs of the user. You can turn off indoor units for rooms that are not in use to save your consumption. Many multi-split air conditioners also have advanced energy-saving features such as temperature control and time setting, which also help you reduce your energy consumption.


The multi-split system is relatively easy to install but requires a slightly more extensive installation than a simple wall-split system. However, it will be cheaper and easier for the user to install a multi-split air conditioning system compared to two separate wall-split systems.

Zone control

By purchasing multi-split air conditioning, it provides the possibility of flexible and customizable zone control, which means that the user can individually adjust the temperature in each zone. This may be appropriate for buildings or larger homes where different floors and rooms have different uses. For example, you can have a warmer temperature in the living room and a cooler temperature in the bedroom.

Multi-split compared to wall-split?

In addition to offering a flexible and adaptable solution for climate control, multi-split air conditioners have several other advantages. Among other things, it is a better economic solution compared to buying two separate wall-split systems. Multi-split air conditioning is also a good solution when there is limited space on the outside of the building, unlike wall-split which needs more surface area on the outside when several indoor parts are needed.

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