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Klimatime Partners with Instapro Group for Installation Services - KlimaTime

Klimatime Partners with Instapro Group for Installation Services

We are excited to announce an exciting partnership between Klimatime and Instapro Group, revolutionizing the way you purchase and install heating solutions. This collaboration integrates Klimatime's expertise in providing high-quality heat pumps and air conditioners with Instapro Group's vast network of skilled installers. Instapro Group, renowned for its portals such as Werkspot,, and MyHammer, brings a seamless connection between Klimatime's products and expert installation services.

Why Choose Klimatime and Instapro Group?

1. Expertise Meets Quality: Klimatime, the expert on heating and cooling solutions, now extends its offer to help find the right installer. Partnering with Instapro Group ensures that not only do you get the best products, but also the best installation service.

2. Local Installers at Your Fingertips: With this collaboration, finding a qualified local installer is easier than ever. Instapro Group’s portals allow you to connect with nearby professionals who are thoroughly vetted, ensuring high-quality service, compliance with ID and background checks, and skill evaluation.

3. Transparency and Choice: Customers can view ratings, reviews, and even photos of the installers and installations they made previously. This transparency enables you to make an informed decision about who will be installing your heating solutions.

4. Competitive Pricing and Tailor-Made Offers: The ability to compare different installers allows for competitive pricing and services customized to your needs.

How Does It Work?

  1. Find and buy your products: With or without help from Klimatime. 
  2. Get a link from Klimatime about installation: With a few simple steps, post your job on the platform Werkspot, MyHammer, or 
  3. Receive Responses: Qualified professionals respond within 24 hours.
  4. Compare and Choose: Review profiles, ratings, and quotes to select the best installer for your needs.

Trusted Support

In the rare event of any issues, Instapro Group provides reliable support through its various helpdesks, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory installation experience.

Expanding Horizons

This partnership extends across Europe, with Werkspot in the Netherlands, MyHammer in Germany, and in France, each offering the ability to find qualified installers within 24 hours. Alexander Dybler, CEO of Klimatime, emphasizes, "This collaboration is a step forward in our commitment to provide comprehensive solutions. From selecting the perfect heating system to ensuring a hassle-free installation, we are with our customers every step of the way."

Your Next Steps

Ready to upgrade your home with Klimatime's heating solutions and hassle-free installation? Visit Klimatime's website and explore our partnership with Instapro Group!

Embrace the future of home heating with Klimatime and Instapro Group – Quality, Convenience, and Trust.

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