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Make your heat pump smart offers heat pump owners an AI-based algorithm that automatically improves energy efficiency through intelligent energy management

✓ Easy to use
✓ Savings from optimization
✓ Minimizes electricity price

Connect remotely

No additional devices are needed. Connect your devices remotely to the Cloud.

Optimized for you

The algorithm uses real-time weather forecasts to adjust your system for maximum efficiency.

Dynamic price control

The platform automatically tracks market prices and shifts your electricity consumption to times of low prices.

Monitor and analyze

Monitor and analyze the performance of your properties and devices in a single view, regardless of manufacturer.

Benefits for heat pump owners

Enjoy the benefits of reduced energy costs

✓ Save money on your energy bills

✓ Reduce energy consumption with predictive weather control

✓ Track HVAC costs and energy consumption in real time

✓ Reduce emissions with CO2 tracking and optimization

✓ Easy integration between different manufacturers

✓ For residential and commercial buildings

Enter "Klimatime24" for 60 days of free use of*

Lite version

Lite version

◉ Control of an air source heat pump
◉ Optimization of the electricity price
◉ Energy optimization based on weather

For those looking for a solution for a specific air source heat pump, the Lite version is a more cost-effective and focused option.

Enter "Klimatime24" at checkout for 60 days of free use.


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Standard version

Standard version

◉ Unlimited number of units & electricity price optimization
◉ Energy optimization based on weather
NEW! Hot water boost

For those looking for a whole-house option. The Standard version offers a comprehensive solution for your heating and cooling needs.

Enter "Klimatime24" at checkout for 60 days of free use.*


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Make your heat pump smart

Make your heat pump smart

Registering a user account

Start by registering a user account on To connect your heat pump to the smart heat pump controller, click on "Add device" in the application and select your device manufacturer.

Then authenticate your heat pump with its account details. Once this is done, add the created device to the cloud service by clicking on "Add to".

Register your type of electricity contract

In this step, you will be given the option to choose between "Fixed Electricity Pricing" or "Variable Electricity Pricing". Depending on the choice, your device will optimize the use of the heat pump according to weather forecasts and local electricity prices.

Finished with the registration

Once your device is integrated into the Cloud platform, will collect data for a period of 6 hours to optimize your cooling and heating system. The smart heat pump control service will start after that.

*After the 60-day trial period is over, regular prices apply.

Connect your heating and cooling system in minutes works with dozens of devices. No need for extra hardware.



Make your heat pump smart is building the smart grid of the future with a cloud-based control platform to enable 100% carbon-free electricity grids.

By connecting heat pumps to a common platform, a virtual power station, they can centrally adjust consumption, reduce costs, and reduce grid emissions. is based in Finland and has a team of passionate product professionals, ambitious energy experts and experienced software engineers.