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Maximize Your Savings with Klimatime

Did you know that you can get a subsidy for your heat pump?

Learn more about what's available in your country.

You can get up to 70% of the cost back. We assist with the Contract of Sale and other vital information for subsidy applications.

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Experience affordable air conditioning

Experience affordable air conditioning

◉ Leading brands at unbeatable prices.

◉ Experience affordable air conditioning on hot summer days.

Make sure you are comfortable this summer by buying your air conditioner in time. Make the most of our limited offers on our wide range of air conditioners.

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Experience units with 2 indoor units

Experience units with 2 indoor units

◉ Increased comfort and energy efficiency.

◉ Flexibility in installation and use.

A heat pump with two indoor units is an excellent solution for multi-storey homes. By installing one indoor unit on the ground floor and one upstairs, you can effectively spread the hot/cold air throughout the house.

This not only improves heating/cooling distribution but can also help reduce energy consumption as the heat/cooling is spread more evenly and efficiently.

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Heat Pump & Air Conditioner Insights