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Aspen Condensaatpomp Mini Blanc

door KlimaTime

✓ Easy to install

✓ Compact & discreet

✓ Ultra quiet

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The Aspen Pumps Mini Blanc condensing pump stands out as an ideal choice for homeowners prioritizing ease of installation and maintenance for their air conditioning systems. This pump's design allows it to be mounted directly beneath the indoor unit of an air conditioner, providing unparalleled access for inspection without the need for laborious dismantling of the indoor unit housing or navigating through concealed installations. Once the cover is removed, the pump's condition is immediately visible, facilitating straightforward repairs or servicing as needed. Moreover, despite its robust capacity, the Mini Blanc is renowned for its exceptionally quiet operation, rivaling even those pumps with much smaller capacities.

Why the Mini Blanc is Essential for Your Home:

Efficiency Optimization: The Mini Blanc pump enhances your climate control systems' performance by efficiently managing condensate removal. This not only ensures smooth operation but also leads to energy savings and reduced operational costs.

Ultra Quiet Operation: Operating at a mere 21dB(A) at 1 meter, the Mini Blanc pump ensures your home remains peaceful, free from the noise typically associated with condensate removal systems. Its quiet operation makes it an excellent choice for domestic settings where maintaining a tranquil environment is essential.

Ease of Maintenance and Installation: Designed for 'ultra quick fit', the Mini Blanc pump can be easily installed beneath high wall indoor units. Its compact, discreet design and clear, removable reservoir make future maintenance tasks simple and efficient, without compromising aesthetics or requiring significant space.

Reliability and Durability: Equipped with thermal protection and a safety switch, the Mini Blanc pump operates reliably under various conditions. It can handle temperatures up to 40°C (104°F) and supports a maximum unit output of 16kW (54,000Btu/h), highlighting its robustness and durability for domestic use.

Versatility and Compatibility: Ideal for high wall mini split systems, the Mini Blanc offers compatibility with a broad range of systems. Its self-priming feature and capacity to pump up to 12L/h at 0m head, with a maximum recommended head of 10m, ensure it meets the specific needs of your home's climate control system efficiently.

Comprehensive Solution: The pump comes with all necessary installation accessories, including an anti-siphon device, drain connector kit, and fixing kit. Additionally, the availability of extra accessories and support materials, such as installation manuals and videos, ensures a hassle-free integration into your system.

In essence, the Aspen Pumps Mini Blanc condensate removal pump is not just a component but a comprehensive solution for enhancing the comfort, efficiency, and functionality of your home's climate control systems. Its focus on easy installation and maintenance, coupled with quiet operation and robust performance, makes it an indispensable addition for any homeowner seeking to optimize their living environment.

Type of power supply: AC
Number of phases: 1
Rated voltage: 230 V
Motor Frequency: 5060
Rated current: 0,11 A
Nominal electrical power P1: 19,00 W
Motor overheating protection: Yes
Max pressure: 1,60 Bar
Min. working flow (Q min): 2,00 l/h
Max. working flow (Q max): 10,00 l/h
Pressure for minimum useful flow: 14,00 mca
Pressure for max useful flow: 0,20 Bar
Nominal/optimal flow : 0,13 l/min
Optimal pressure: 6,00 mca
Min. working temperature: 5,00 °C
Max. working temperature: 40,00 °C
Type of fluid treated: Condensate
Type of hydraulic connection: Hose Nipple
Min. ambient temperature: 5,00 °C
Max ambient temperature: 45,00 °C
IP insulation grade: IP21
Tipo servizio: Non-continuous
Pumping type: Piston
Engine cooling type: Forced ambient liquid
Suitability: Air conditioning domestic
Unit net weight: 0,77 kg
Recommended flow rate: 6 litres/hour
Maximum suction height: 2 m
Type of operation: non-continuous

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